Group A01 (π-molecule figuration)
develops novel molecular frameworks that provide the basis for the π-figuration concept by utilizing state-of-the-art organic synthesis.

Group A02 (π-assembly figuration)
develops functional π-electronic molecular assemblies at many length scales by utilizing state-of-the-art supramolecular and polymer chemistry.

Group A03 (π-figuration theory and analysis)
predicts, designs, and unveils the functions of the new π-electronic materials by utilizing state-of-the-art theory, computational, and measurement techniques.

The dynamic motion and mechanical stimulus generated in π-electronic materials can perturb the electronic function. Harmonizing π-electronic functions with molecular dynamism should result in new phenomena and functions. As an example, we will explore the functions of π-electron systems deviated from their thermodynamically stable states by applying multiple physical stimuli (e.g., an electric field, light, and magnetic field) and mechanical stimuli (e.g., pressure and shear) to π-electronic molecules and their assemblies.


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